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1.3 Children, students and Data Protection. This site is designed in good faith to help, students and schools to engage with employers for the benefit of students. All users of this website agree to strictly comply with the spirit and letter of the law and all regulation concerning the use of personal data, including that of children, when using this site. Springpod is acting as a channel for communication and organisation to assist the users of this website to develop the careers and potential of young people. What the parties do outside this website, and their safety and legal compliance in their relationships is a matter for them to arrange and regulate, regardless whether the introductions and arrangements have been initiated on this website. Springpod cannot be and will not be responsible for those engagements and relationships or the acts of those concerned off this website. By using this website you acknowledge and agree to this, and these terms of service, whether or not you have purchased a service from us. You agree not to manage or use data from this site or to contact students or children for any purpose other than for the career related activities for which this website is entirely designed, through the mechanisms created by this website. You also agree that neither this website nor any of the data on it will be used by you to create or develop any personal relationship with any person.

Full terms of use here: https://www.springpod.co.uk/terms-of-use/